3D modeling

Our 3D modeling services cover different areas, from territorial reconstruction, architecture, gifts and design. Parametric modeling / BIM, NURBS, polygonal, each of these techniques can be adapted to specific requirements but allows in any case a complete analysis from every point of view of the product.


Parametric / BIM modeling

Service dedicated to those who have the need to include in their projects or on their website (in the case of companies) Libraries (CAD 3D and / or 2D) with different levels of configurable parameters on request. The products are realized in Archicad GDL language.



NURBS / Math

The service is dedicated to companies needing to produce 3D models of their products for prototyping and production through direct numerical control machines (CNC). The modeling can be carried out starting from simple sketches / concept as well as from technical drawings and / or executive. The data export can be done to all interchange formats ensuring full compatibility of the models.




The polygonal modeling is a procedure less accurate but very fast; imagine being able to provide your customers with a 3D archive of your products, evaluating and putting them inside their favorite softwares.



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