Exterior renderings

With the aid of the drawings provided by the client (project drafts, outline plans or executive) we realize the model, complete with surface materials and 3D models of furniture extracts from our archives (street furniture, plantings, cars etc.). The light environment is via real data (orientation, time of day, geographic location, altitude) or calibration manually to fit any scene to be displayed. The outside will make the graphical rendering of "digital models" from the microscale (street lamps, benches, sculptures, flooring etc..) To the macroscale (individual buildings, building complexes, urban) with the possibility to check the environmental impact through CGI insertions.

Interiors - Marble & Design

As for external render the workflow involves the construction of "digital plastic" but with the addition of more detailed environments, objects and furniture using advanced modeling (Polygonal Modeling, NURBS / Math modeling). Through the acquisition of photographic materials (marble inlays, wood species, metals and so on), the use of 3D models of the luminaires together with the photometric files supplied by the manufacturers (description of the luminaires light distribution), we can build high impact photorealistic rendering.

CGI insertions

The photo insert allows you to assess the environmental impact of buildings, street furniture, or simply flooring (internal and external) and colorings. Images are "rendered" directly on the pictures representing the evaluation context, the ability to integrate with drop shadow and reflections.

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